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At Dodge 'n Burns, we blend creativity with technology to offer a spectrum of services that redefine your brand's digital presence. Join us in crafting a digital journey that transforms, engages, and elevates your brand globally.

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Our portfolio over the past half-decade is a mosaic of companies from varied sectors. Each partnership, whether with a budding startup or a seasoned player, has been a story of mutual growth and innovation.

Client : Boxall Delivery
Client : Coxtel
Client : Cuticle
Client : Golden Crows
Client : Harpeggio Academy
Client : i-Chimes Study Abroad
Client : Mallu Republic
Client : Mio Gusto
Client : Newcare Hygeine
Client : Purple Pines
Client : Spinizo Global
Client : Malabar Grills
Client : Tiramisu Cafe
Client : Wash my Cars Thodupuzha
Client : Black Rose
Client : Bleu Machineries
Client : Concorde Hotel
Client : Creative Media Graphics
Client : Datosight
Client : EE Engineering Est
Client : Fresh Land
Client : Harmony Legal
Client : My Fish
Client : United Nutrihealth
Client : Nybble Logics
Client : Emirates Red Crescent
Client : Saro Tank
Client : Savari Travels
Client : University of Fujeirah
Client : Vintage Violetz
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At Dodge and Burns, we are more than just a branding studio; we are storytellers, innovators, and digital pioneers committed to transforming your brand's narrative.

We have successfully completed more than 120 projects, catering to a client base that spans over 80 diverse companies with our reach extending beyond local boundaries, embracing challenges and opportunities from 8+ countries across 3 continents.
Our commitment to quality and client-centric solutions is reflected in every project we undertake.

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Our Services

Dodge 'n Burns Services
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Creating Impactful Brand Identities

Web development

Innovative Web Solutions

Motion graphics

Dynamic Visual Storytelling

Social media marketing

Engaging Audience Strategies

UI/UX design

Intuitive Design Focused

Data analytics

Insightful Data Processed Decisions

Projects that speak volumes

Delve into our diverse project stories, showcasing innovative solutions and client success

Newcare Webiste

Web Development

Newcare Hygiene Solutions Pvt Ltd - Website Revitalization

Boxall Thodupuzha App

Branding & Mobile App Dev

Boxall Unboxed: Vibrant Branding and Agile Technology

University of Fujairah


University of Fujairah: Elevating Presence with Digital Artistry

Malabar Village


Malabar Village: Branding for Culinary Excellence

Mio Gusto

Logo & Stationary Design

Mio Gusto Cake Shop: Baking Up a Sweet Brand

Purple Pines

Social Media Marketing

Purple Pines: Styling Trends and Social Presence

Industries we Serve

At Dodge 'n Burns, we specialize in creating tailored solutions that resonate with various industries. Our expertise spans across diverse sectors, enabling us to deliver customized, effective, and innovative services. From dynamic web designs to impactful marketing strategies, we understand the unique challenges and opportunities each industry faces. Explore how we cater to different industries and help businesses thrive in their respective fields.

Banking Marketing Dodge 'n Burns


In the banking sector, trust and security are paramount. We provide digital solutions that enhance customer experience while maintaining the highest levels of security and compliance. Our services include user-friendly website designs, secure online banking platforms, and effective financial marketing strategies that promote trust and client loyalty.

Healthcare Marketing Dodge 'n Burns


Healthcare requires a compassionate approach blended with technological innovation. Our expertise in healthcare focuses on creating patient-friendly websites, telemedicine platforms, and digital marketing campaigns that effectively communicate care services while ensuring patient privacy and compliance with healthcare regulations.

Travel Marketing Dodge 'n Burns


For the travel industry, we craft engaging and informative websites and apps that inspire wanderlust. Our solutions include booking systems, travel guides, and virtual tours, all designed to enhance the travel experience and streamline the booking process, making adventure more accessible to everyone.

Education Marketing Dodge 'n Burns


We develop educational websites and e-learning platforms that are both informative and engaging. Our solutions cater to the needs of students, educators, and institutions, offering interactive learning experiences, seamless course management systems, and effective communication tools.

Software Marketing Dodge 'n Burns


In the software industry, staying ahead of the curve is crucial. We specialize in creating user-centric websites, marketing SaaS products, and developing bespoke software solutions that meet the evolving needs of both businesses and consumers.

Hospitality Marketing Dodge 'n Burns


The hospitality sector thrives on exceptional customer service and experiences. Our digital solutions for hospitality businesses focus on creating inviting websites, booking engines, and digital marketing strategies that enhance guest engagement and streamline operations, ensuring a memorable experience for every visitor.

Consumer Goods Marketing Dodge 'n Burns

Consumer Goods

In the fast-paced consumer goods market, standing out is key. We deliver comprehensive digital marketing strategies and e-commerce solutions that drive sales and build brand loyalty. Our approach focuses on understanding consumer behavior to create impactful campaigns and user-friendly shopping experiences.

Retail Marketing Dodge 'n Burns


The retail industry requires a blend of in-store and online excellence. We offer solutions that integrate these experiences seamlessly, including e-commerce platforms, digital marketing, and retail analytics tools. Our strategies are designed to attract and retain customers, both online and offline.

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